Team Tuff Cakes!

Prog_ShotLife and things came up during the Escape Challenge and we weren’t able to submit an entry. However! A few friends and I are taking the original idea and making a side-scrolling/shooting/platformer game out of it. Onto retopo and baking!

Wukong: The Monkey King (Art Test)

Wukong_ConstructionWukong_ZBrush_BeautyWukong_Diffuse_BeautyHere’s what I came up with at the end of my art test. Finding I really enjoy doing character work. Wukong is one of the many characters from Riot Game’s, League of Legends.

Total Blakeover

Putting together a new reel for this years Game Developers Conference and didn’t feel right simply slapping an old animation on top of all the new and shiny things. Took a few hours last night to revisit Blake’s lip sync. Here’s some progress, should be finished tonight.